Code quality checking

Hi Team,

Is there any unix command we can use to identify if there is any empty map step or sequence available in any flow service.From visually checking flow.xml we can see for empty map step mapTarget step is missing or in otherwords in empty step only comment section is there inside of mode standalone . But not sure how to form some unix command for the same.

[b]For empty map step[/b]

  <COMMENT>withoutAny Mapping</COMMENT>

[b]For non-empty map step[/b]

  <COMMENT>Mapp step with mapping</COMMENT>
  //All target variables
  //All source variables
  <MAPCOPY FROM="/Package;1;0" TO="/node;1;0">

Kindly help if anyone have some idea on this…

Baharul Islam

I have some good options and workaround for you.

1> Unix command, use this as a reference and create one for your need

find ./packages -type f -name flow.xml | xargs grep -l ‘.<INVOKE TIMEOUT="[a-zA-Z0-9$]" SERVICE=“pub.flow:savePipeline” VALIDATE-IN=“[a-zA-Z0-9$]" VALIDATE-OUT="[a-zA-Z0-9$]”[^ DISABLED=“true”]’

2> Check SAG Code Review Utility Tool from GCS

3> Use SonarCube flow code quality plugin (start from webMethods flow code quality plugin for SonarQube - please share your experience. - webMethods - Software AG Tech Community & Forums), I recently explored this and it has a code review rules to check empty MAP step.

Thanks Mahesh . However I was looking for some Unix command for checking if there is some empty map step or sequence step.

I know as mentioned earlier use this command as a reference and build your one as you know the pattern for empty map and sequence steps. The current command finds for save pipeline.

Any questions?

There are good options for code review and code quality validation out there. One such a solution is offered commercially by my company. The rules of the community does not allow me to elaborate but if this still an open question, feel free to connect on LinkedIn.

Regards, Christian