code assist issues.....

Hi all,

We are doing a proof of concept here with NaturalONE and I found some strange behaviour in code assist.
For example: when I type M and then do CTRL-SPACE code assist pops up with a nice list, including the statement MOVE. But when I type MO and then do CTRL-SPACE, no code assist comes up. It actually inserts (< in my source…? It does this with more letters/combinations.

Also, when I create a new code assist template starting with the letter R I cannot get it to come up in a code assist popup. When I create one starting with A (for example) it does work.

Does anybody know what could cause this ?


Hi Ronald,

Try typing the CTRL-SPACE first followed by the initial letters of the statement.


Graeme Lane

Hi Graeme,

and thanks for the answer…

Yes, I know that works but shouldn’t it also work the other way around ? When I type something starting with M code assist only works if I do CTRL-SPACE directly after the M. When I type more than one letter it doesn’t work anymore. With some other single letters, like E for example, it doesn’t work at all. There, after CTRL-SPACE the popup doesn’t contain any statements at all, but it does contain ( and := for some strange reason.

And doing CTRL-SPACE first still does not make my new template starting with R appear in the list…



did you create an incident for this ?
If not - please do.

Cheers - Wolfgang

Hi Wolfgang,

no I didn’t, since we are not officially using NatONE (on a trial license at the mo) but SAG DK knows about our issues…



afaik even a trial license entitles you to support, after all it is a license,
based on a trial contract. Did you check if ONE is presented to you as
an option in the product dropdown in Empower ?

Either way, you are in good hands when SAG DK takes care of it :wink:

Cheers - Wolfgang