CMIS server (Alfresco) integration with webMethods


I’m working on integrating a document repository server (Alfresco) with webMethods Integration server. The preferable way of integration as per the repository server documents is CMIS. While there is a way to integrate using the Java APIs provided by Alfresco, I’m wondering if there are any other implementation mechanisms around this provided by SoftwareAG directly such as a CMIS Adapter, some built in services, etc.

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Hi Nanda,

if there are WebServices exposed by Alfresco CMIS server, you can use these.

Additionally, there is an SAG webMethods Adapter Development Kit (ADK) available on request, which can be used to develop an adapter for Alfresco CMIS using the JavaAPI.


You can also leverage the restful services in webMethods. Check if they have any REST API in-place.

However you can also raise a feature request on SAG brainstorm via empower.

For REST Service you will have to run a recent version of webMethods (at least newer than 9.6 incl.).

Which version of webMethods are you currently running on?


I believe all the above possibilities let you get start with you needs… So can you check with the source owner if any of the options they can work with integrating?