Closing a Modal Dialog Box from an external webservice call

Hi Experts ,

We have a requirement in CAF where on click of something in the UI, a modal dialog box opens where we give a url for user to access some other system . Once the user finishes his work in the other system , he clicks on Submit which will do a webservice call back to our system . Is there a possibilty we could close this Modal Dialog box then ?

Let me know if further more information is required to understand my requirement.

Thank you.


Hi Nischal,

Your requirement is not an easy one.

At this moment I cannot see a solution for this.

Assuming that the listener WS that is called by the external service resides on the Integration Server, the requirement is even harder.

I think maybe it should be rethinked. Having a model dialog blocking the user until an external system responds (if it responds at all, network or other problems can occur) is not such a good idea.

Vlad Turian