Hi everyone.

I’ve been facing lately a issue on natural for ajax since my company moved from natural for mainframe to natural for linux.

After a PROCCESS PAGE MODAL, we have a call to INPUT, passing some parameters, like shown on picture 1. This code was working just fine on natural for mainframe.

However, after the move to linux, the error shown on pictures number 2 and 3 is raired.

Is that a expected behaviour? I am really thankful if there are any answers on this matter.

Thanks in advance.

Here goes picture3


I’ve seen issues similar to this in the past. After displaying the pop up, you should always return to the base page before displaying something else. To accomplish what you want to do, you may need to leverage NJX:TRIGGEREVENT so that once you reprocess the base page, you immediately fall out of it and can perform addition processing in Natural.

The remainder of this post is from NJX documentation on the NJX:TRIGGEREVENT from

I hope this helps.