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Hello! Needing some guidance/feedback on the following topic. We are setting up a new wM cluster (in addition to current production single-node setup) with multiple IS/UM, etc.

To expedite setup, we cloned the existing production servers, and then have modified configs as needed to point to new servers. For the IS we were able to manually edit many of the config files and disable the triggers, schedulers, etc. so we can fire up the servers without fear of causing an issues.

However for the cloned UM server, the config files don’t seem editable. So all of the topics and channels are still pointing to the existing production servers and triggers. The fear here is we fire up the new UM server which then causes production issues in our existing setup.

Wondering if there is any documentation or topics on here that instruct on best practices or instructions on how to deal with setting up a new UM cluster that was cloned from an existing UM. Or if anyone on here has any tips or tricks would be grateful. Cheers

Hi @daniel.evans,

You can export the queue and channel from the older UM and import them using realm export\import respectivly.

As you have not mentioned the version of source and destination server, please insure you change the “clusterwide” attributes to true while importing these assets in the new cluster.

Moreover, you may also need to sync up IS document type if you are using the native trigger as realm export does may not contain the protobuf defination.

Also import the JNDI assets (Queue, Topic) in case you are using the UM as JMS providers.

Kind Regards,

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thanks for your reply. performing the export/import was an idea I had as well so it’s good to hear your suggestion. in order to start up the cloned UM with a blank slate (aka no existing queues/channels) do you know if I need to delete all of the data inside the \UniversalMessaging\server\umserver\data folder beforehand?

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