Clarification on migrating CNF files from one mc to another mc


We planned to migrate our application running in Solaris 8.x to Solaris 10.x. The machines are going to be a new Hardware. Application is running on WM 4.6.

I want to know whether can we export the CNF files like port.cnf, server.cnf, users.cnf, acl.cnf from the old environment to the new environment.i.e. copying the cnf files from config folder of old environment to the new environment config folder. Will this work?

Similarly Can we use export/import option in TN to export Profiles, Processing Rules, Document Type and move those to new environment.


Hi Ravi,
Import/Export profiles, Processing rule and doc type work fine in TN.
You can go ahead and use the same to migrate your TN properties from one server to another.