Clarification on ADALOD utility

Hi All,

I have the following query on ADALOD utility.

I have a PROD & Dev databases and I have done a ADAULD on the Prod database for a particular file and used ADALOD utility to load the same onto the Dev database (the same file).

Now, if I want to load only the differential data onto Dev database (for that file), say after 1 month, where now the datas on the Prod database have been changed (either new records on the same files are added or some of the existing records on the same files have been deleted).

I guess, I should be using UPDATE function of the ADALOD utility.

Thanks to correct me, if I am wrong.


Hi Sriram,

ADALOD UPDATE is the correct approach, but it will add all data which is provided to this utility into the file, therefor you need to make sure that the input data of the ADALOD only contains the differential data. You can get this by using ADAULD with the SELCRIT parameter on the production database.

If you need more help you can ask our customer support to help you with this :slight_smile:


Hi Ursula,

Thanks for your answer.