Mass update problem

The following was the report when a adavfy utility was excuted on a database:
%ADAVFY-E-ACDDAT, Number of records differ between address converter and data storage

To rectify the error I was doing the following method

  1. Unload the file with short option
  2. creating a newfile with adafdu utility
  3. Updating the new file with ADAMUP(Mass Update)

I am able to unload the data, but while Mass update I am not able to update it.

Can any one tell me what are the options we had to use for ADAMUP.

Loading the data with ADAMUP should load the DATA records correctly, but because of the SHORT option the index cannot be created. For this reason you must perform after the ADAMUP an ADAINV REINVERT ALL.


If the unloaded data is in 15 files, how should we send this files as parameter to ADAMUP.

Do we export MUPDTA="/dbplogs/sunil/file37.1 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.2 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.3 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.4 /dbplogs/sunil/
file37.5 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.6 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.7 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.8 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.9 /dbplogs/sunil/file37
.10 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.11 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.12 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.13 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.14 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.
15 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.16 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.17 /dbplogs/sunil/file37.18"
or should export them individually.

Want to clarify the syntax of ADAMUP .

ADAMUP can only load one file at a time. If you want to load 15 files with ADAMUP you must start ADAMUP 15 times.


The file is of 43Gb and it is failing while I am doing mass update.

I think the problem is while unloading itself. What are the options to be used while unloading such a file and then updaitng it.

Let me clarify your problem:

You unloaded one Adabas file and got 18 extents for the ULDDTA file? This is very unusual - normally you should get only one file extent. Which Adabas version/Operating system version/file system do you use?