Hi Friends,

I want to get my data down (with ADAULD), process it out of Mainframe and then load (WITH ADALOD) back to Adabas file on MF. The challenge is, I am after few fields to get down (not entire record/row). This is achievable however not sure how could I load (few fields) them back. Offcourse they should go/sync with it’s related record as specified on SELCRIT/SELVAL. We don’t have such selection criteria on ADALOD. Hence, currently I am getting entire record down, process and load back.

Do we have something to leverage this challenge?

Wish, I could get some suggestions in next couple of hours. Else, it’s good bye for today as I am driving to my native to celebrate festive season (in one of the states here) and long week end. Will see your suggestions on Monday.

Hi Ats,

My second attempt… seem to have lost my first one. :frowning:

While I know of no way to do what you need with the ADAULD utility, there are a couple of options available to do what you wish to do.

There is a product called ADAREORG which is made by CCA in Australia and marketed in much of the world by Treehouse which would make this process easy. Here are the steps:

  1. Use ADAULD UNLOAD to unload the file or a selection of records that you wish to load.
  2. Determine the desired record format in the to-be state and code this up in a typical ADAWAN layout (with ADADBS FNDEF records).
  3. ADAREORG will take your ADAULD output as input, including the current FDT structure, as well as your ADAWAN cards.
  4. ADAREORG will decompress your ADAULD output.
  5. ADAREORG will rearrange the decompressed records to match your new layout, dropping any unused fields, adding any new ones, and arranging them according to the new order.
  6. ADAREORG will compress your data and produce a file you can use as input to an ADALOD utility.
  7. Use ADALOD LOAD to load your file with your new layout.

Without ADAREORG, you can still do this yourself but you will have to do the heavy lifting in the middle:

  3. Run a program you create that reads the decompressed data and writes an output file that contains only the fields you want in the order you want them.
  4. ADACMP COMPRESS the output of #3 and the FNDEF layout that describes it.

Hope this helps!


In the near future there will be a much more sophisticated way of copying
data between Adabas databases cross platforms.


Thanks Brian & Wolfgang!

Brian - Unfortunately our shop lacks the ADAREORG utility.

Second attempt could work but has an overhead of writing a program. I feel the current (unloading/loading entire record) one is easier.

Wolfgang - Is this with next ADABAS version or a new product entirely?