###CINI question

In the ###CINI configuration member (NEE on z/OS), there is a section that looks like this:


The “DEFAULT-OUTPUT=” parm is NOT in the documentation (“Natural Engineer Version 6.2 Administration Guide for Mainframes”).

Can anyone tell me what it is for, what it does, and what the options are? Thanks! :slight_smile:

This parameter has no usage under z/OS.
However, you can add items such as:
This will, when you run the job on the mainframe to create the Impact Object Summary report and creates work file 14. This will contain a file similar to a CSV with the delimiter determined by the DELIMITER-CHAR= value.
This can be useful for running large reports on the mainframe and then you can ftp down to the PC for further processing in EXCEL.
To find the names of the reports, just run the report in batch on mainframe and you should see which object was used to create the report. Then add the appropriate entry into the (REPORTER) section.
Only valid value is X under z/OS.