CICS Good Night Program in Cobol

We have been using our own DFH0GNIT (Good night program) in CICS and it worked great with the Natural CICS NCIZNEP program up till version NCI834. The program no longer works with NCI835 version of NCIZNEPM. Our good night program is written in Cobol.

If you have a copy of the good night program written in Cobol and it is working with NCI835 then can you kindly share what changes you have to make for it to work with NCI835? Any information from you would be much appreciated.

We have been working on this problem with Support for over a month without any resolution. We have access to the NCI835 version of XNCIGNIT (Assembler) but we are unable to identify what the new version of NCIZNEPM expects that was not in the previous version.