CICS EXECKEY with Storage protection on

We have programs that call CSECT ADASTWA. We’ve been running CICS with storage protection OFF, and we want to change it to ON. The programs abended with OC4 when STGPROT was turned on. After changeing their EXECKEY to CICS, they no longer abended. Are we correct in assuming that the programs should be running in Execkey CICS to interface to program ADASTWA when STGPROT is turned on?


It would be good to know where the programs actually abend.

I’m not sure “where” the programs abend. I’m guessing it’s when they’re started.

But, the question is, should we run with EXECKEY CICS when storage protection is turned on? I looked in the manuals and the knowledge center and haven’t really found the answer.

It all depends on how the various bits and pieces hang together :wink:

Watch out for a mismatch between TASKDATAKEY and EXECKEY.