Natural v423 calling C/C++ module under CICS TS31 & LE

My environment is Z/os v1.7 and Natural v423 and CICS TS31 + LE.

After waiting to get Natural v423 installed, I am now getting 0C1 errors whenever I try to call a third-party product written in C/C++ under CICS. The same process works fine in batch and TSO.
My CICS fols say the problem is that the called module is trying to do a MVS Getmain instead of a CICS Getmain.

Can some super intelligent individual in either Denver or Germany please tell me if a called C/C++ module can do MVS getmains? This has become a bone of contention between us and the vendor who insists that it is completely legal and valid. It would sure be nice if we could get past these 0C1’s!
Should we consider defining the called modules with EXECKEY(CICS) as the proper way to enable these modules?

A response from any one will be greatly appreciated!

It is possible to do operating system GETMAINs under CICS, but it is highly recommended NOT to use operating system services, but to use CICS services instead. E.g. operating system services may result in halting the whole CICS region rather than just suspending the issueing CICS task.
However MVS GETMAINs will most likely be key 8 GETMAINs leading to
S0C4 problems when running in user key in CICS.
Changing the EXECKEY of such a program only helps, when the program is invoked via EXEC CICS LINK; when called via standard linkage, the callee inherits the execution key of the caller.
as this is an S0C1 abend, this is most likely not related to storage keys.