NAT0633 stowing program(s)?

Another issue STOWing on NAT v6.3.6 on WinXP…
I have several very old NATURAL programs (report mode, of course), that STOW properly on NATURAL v4.2.6 on z/OS.
Code excerpt:


3320 UPDATE(0390) HB-CODE-1 = HB-CODE-1 HB-CODE-2 = HB-CODE-2
3330 HB-CODE-3 = HB-CODE-3 HB-CODE-4 = HB-CODE-4
3340 HB-CODE-5 = HB-CODE-5 HB-CODE-6 = HB-CODE-6
3350 HB-CODE-7 = HB-CODE-7 HB-CODE-8 = HB-CODE-8

The error is this on the UPDATE statement:
[b]NAT0633 Invalid use of view which contains super-/subdescriptor.

Invalid use of view which contains super-/subdescriptor.
Depending on the Adabas version, a sub- or superdescriptor may be read
with a HISTOGRAM statement only or with all database access statements.
However, an UPDATE or STORE statement must not be applied to a sub-
or superdescriptor.[/b]

Anyone seen this before?


Do you reference a super-descriptor in the read loop?

Are the HB-CODE’s supers?

Adabas has long had a restriction on the appearance of a super in the format buffer for an Update. I believe that has been changed with Version ??? of Adabas (probably 8.n, but maybe 7.n).

Did this program (as is) run on much earlier versions of Adabas/Natural?


Hi Steve… Long time!

Yes, this program is quite old (vintage 1980’s). The last time it was stowed for production on z/OS was in 2005. But it is running, and when I do a CHECK on the code (CICS) it checks; and I can STOW it in the development environment on z/OS. This is pure report mode code (no DEFINE DATA statement). The READ is referencing a comprehensive DDM that has all fields and all sub/super-descriptors. But on WinXP, no dice! None of the fields referenced in the UPDATE are descriptors, however. ADA on z/OS is 8.1.4, ADA on WinXP is 6+?? (have to check).