checkbox group issue

Hi experts,

I’m facing an issue with a checkbox group.
I’d like to sort it on alphabetical and by columns, to do that, I used the layout property with page direction but it has a strange behavior because I only get one column. If I use the line direction property, I can see several columns but not sorted by what my costumer wants. I tryed with css and embed it on a block panel but y I can’t get it.

If you could orient me what CAF control can I use or what css try, I would be very grateful.

I attach two pics to explain it better.

Thanks a lot!

I only see one picture attached, was there a second one?

Can you please confirm how your Checkbox Group control is configured?

If you set the ‘Sort By Label’ property to true and the ‘Layout’ property to lineDirection it should do what you want.

The property sort by label is true and layout property is line Direction it’s how is shown it in the pic that now I attached. Green shows elements and where i’d like to put them.
My second try was change layout to page direction and keeping sort by label property to true the result is shown in the first pic.
Then I tried with css, changing “height” without any progress.

what else can I do?

Thanks :wink:

Ok, so you want the page layout to flow like newspaper columns?

CSS3 adds support for columns, but it is not supported by older browsers. If you don’t care about supporting browsers earlier than IE10, then you could experiment with this. For example:

Your other option would be to write some custom code that would split your checkbox options into one bucket for each column and use multiple checkbox group controls (one for each column). Then merge the selected items from each bucket back together when you need to get the complete set of selected checkboxes.