Check in and check out UM/MWS/AT assets

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I have this doubt, how do we check in UM, MWS and AT assets of a project in SVN ? And how to deploy these assets from SVN to target environments?
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Hi Anna,

For Deployment you can use Deployer using Repository based deployment.


Hi Anna,

For UM: in EM, right-click the realm and choose Export to XML, select the asset types to export and then check that file in to VCS using a suitable VCS client.
For MWS: check in your MWS asset sources from Designer using a suitable VCS Eclipse plugin, e.g. Subclipse. You will need to install that into Designer yourself, i.e. get the relevant Eclipse plugin from the VCS vendor.
For AT: Deployer does not support AT assets. Please check out the chapter on Migrating AT Assets in the AT Guide:

Once you have assets checked into VCS, you need to build them to an asset repository. This is described in the chapter on Building Composites for Repository-Based Deployment in the Deployer Guide:

Then you can deploy the assets to your target systems as described also in the Deployer Guide.

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I got what you said. But how do we import UM and MWS assets from the SVN?


To be specific, how to configure the ABE to extract the UM, MWS assets automatically from svn?

Hi Anna ,

You need to create an export of your realm using EM as an XMl and then save this file under <ABE_SOURCE_DIR>/UniversalMessaging

Update to

Now when you will run the build all UM assets will be bundled into an ACDL which when pointed to deployer will show all the assets of UM. Now you can select the assets you want to deploy using Deployer

Please refer to Deployer User guide, under “Building Composites for Repository-Based Deployment

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How will we run the build? What are the steps to run the build? Is there any tool or script to run it?

Have you installed Asset Build environment ?

If Yes , there will be a folder created at <SoftwareAG_Home>/common/AssetBuildEnvironment.

Asset build environment provides all the configuration and commands for creating the build. It is an ANT based tool.

The below mentioned article will be useful for a starter :

Hi Rakesh,

I have checked that link before, it says all about how to configure ABE to extract the IS assets automatically. Here i am dealing with UM and MWS assets (which is outside of IS). For these assets, do i need to follow the same steps? Or is there any other steps or tool for UM and MWS assets?

Hi Anna ,

Yes You have to follow the same steps.
Just make sure the following properties are set apart from what mentioned in the article.
You need to update the file present at following path <SAG_installation_Dir>/common/AssetBuildEnvironment/master_build = true [For building MWS assets] [for building UM assets]


As I am facing some issue in production but not face in other environments, Can any one look into this and tell me the root cause why it happens like this.
The below error I got…
2017-06-20 09:09:07 CEST [ISS.0134.0042E] JMS Trigger triggers:triggerName failed: 550 The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process.

As we get xml data from UM queue and we are sending same xml data to FTP location. As it is a bulk data processing here and for some we are getting this above mentioned error.

Please let me know if any solution for this problem.