Repository Based Deployment ACDL files are not getting updated with latest Info

Hi Team,

I am working on Repository Based Deployment.

I am facing an issue with deployment where ACDL file is not getting updated with latest Info.
I created three services(srv1,srv2,srv3) in a package(pack1) and checked in srv2 on to the repository,keeping srv1,srv3 in checkout state in designer and when i run the the ACDL file consists of information of srv1 and srv3 but not srv2.

Any help where i am going wrong will be greatly appreciated.

I can share you if you need to inspect any of the below files.

  • build.xml
  • build-source-checkout.xml


just to check if there is an issue with ABE , can you manually keep your package in source dir path mentioned in path and run the and see if it’s generating same files , and did you modified your build.xml file , ideally it should take the values from .

Please follow this article also in any case of missing steps for ABE based deployments:



Thanks for sharing the article.

I have read it but i don’t see the information on what source files are needed for creating the repository based deployment.
I am looking for what files for IS,MWS, BPM,BRE,Tasks source files we need to create the build. I went throught Deployer Documentation but i don’t see the needed information in it.


Did you check in SAG github location for these samples available?


Thanks for sharing the SAG github location. I have already checked it but i don’t see any samples except for IS assets.


for each asset you should create deployer run time project and see what files are getting selected , you can pass same files to repository based deployment.

Hi Vicky,

I have checked for Business Rules in the runtime we are selecting the .jar file for corresponding Business Rule.
I have passed below ways

  1. .jar file
  2. extracted .jar file and placed the extracted files
  3. From designer exported the Business Rule as Archive.tried with both archive and extracted files.
    But still i don’t see the message saying no rule project when i run

I have read the documentation as well but not much information.

From 10.5 the runtime based deployment is getting deprecated.I guess many forum members might be looking for repobased deployment steps.


yes correct runtime will be depricated from 10.5 , for bpm can you just copy full package folder and place in source dir of ABE and then create build using abe ?

Hi Vicky,

I was able to successfully do IS, BPM, Task,UM related assets.
But for Business Rule no luck.
I used below files to checkin in the build source directory

  1. IS we need the extracted folder
  2. BPM the project archive extracted folder
    (containing .process file,.config file, build.xml file)
  3. MWS Task .cdp file extracted folder (i tried the .war file but it didn’t work) so i exported as .cdp from designer
  4. UM the xml file exported from Enterprise manager realm export options.
    All the above files worked in creating the .ACDL file and the necessary composites in deployer project
  5. Similar way i tried for Business Rules .jar extracted folder but not able to get it.


superb , for BR below is the package structure which you can give to ABE

Yeah Vicky this is the structure.

try giving this full structure to abe , u can do export to file system option

Yeah i tried that as well :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Vicky,

In addition to the above suggestions i have tried with the below setting with both true and false options. in
Still no luck.


Hi Vicky,

Can u tell what files do you have in .settings folder ?


Hi Uday,

not sure if your problem is still relevant, but the .settings folder has no impact on any deployment topics and can safely be ignored. Please see the attached PDF for a walkthrough of Business Rules repository based deployment using Deployer.
Deploying a rule project to MWS.pdf (803.8 KB)