Deploy queues and topics to higher environments


I need to customize a code to deploy the queues and topics created in DEV to higher environments. Kindly please help.

Amrutha K

Hi Amrutha,

did you check if Deployer is able to export and deploy these type of assets?

See Deployer Users Guide for further informations.


What is your IS Version here?

I am using 9.12

I checked in the deployer, have added the UM servers but not able to deploy the assets.

Hello Amrutha,

Have you explored the option of ABE (Asset Build Environment ) for your UM assets like queues and topics

UM assets can only be deployed in repository-based Deployer projects. Runtime-based is not supported.

The procedure for deploying UM assets is as follows:

  1. Export to XML using Enterprise Manager (Realm >right click > Export as XML)
  2. (optional) check in to VCS
  3. Put XML in source directory for Asset Build Environment
  4. Enable UM in asset build config
  5. Run ABE build
  6. Create Deployer project as repository-based
  7. Select the UM assets you want to deploy from repository
  8. Map to target and deploy