Create a flow service to deploy a topic/queue

Is it a way to deploy a topic or a queue by flow service using wm… Packages.
I read the UM developer’s guide but it is not clear to me. In fact I didn’t find the solution in it.
I read on this forum that if we want to deploy with the deployer, we need use repository and extract realm from Enterprise Manager.
But in my mind, I want to deploy only a topic or a queue.
So I guess, it is possible by using a flow service. I hope that.

PS : wM 9.10.


if i understand correctly you want to create topic\queue on a different environment. or do you want to extract topic\queue data from lower environment and then deploy to higher environment? i believe only repository based deployment is support for UM. you may hv to create a custom solution for this.

I am not sure if full deployment functionality for UM is provided by WmDeployer, however, you can use the export and import functionality on UM EM which will export the CF, Queues, and Topics for you.