Check for existance of field value filled in HTML form

We invoke service from a HTML form submission. There is a brach flow in the service that does things depending on the existance of the value of a form field (if the field had been filled , the field is of type type TEXT in the html form)

i.e if under a branch statement’s I have 2 flows with labels %Company% == $null and %Company% <> $null always the second get executed even if I dont fill the company field value in the form.

Please advise.

Try modifying the labels as %Company%="" and %Company%!="". I guess the field from the HTML form is always having a value equal to “”.


Try this:

BRANCH on Company
…/[^ ]/ : (do something when it is not empty and not just spaces
…$null : (do something when it is empty or null)

on labels, to test the existence of a pipeline variable, you can simply set the label to ‘variableName’ or ‘! variableName’ excluding quotes. You don’t need to do the macro substitution, and that might be what’s causing the problem. There’s a note in the developer documentation about testing existence of a pipeline variable this way.