Cheat Sheet - Integrating TFS with ABE and Designer

I have created a cheat sheet on setup of TFS with Designer workstation.

Document is available to download and use at below link. Please download document from attachment section

Comments and feedback is much appreciated.

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Mangat - Thanks for your time. I will look into this document.

Mangat – Doc is well explanative. Good work you did on this :wink:


Mangat, Is it mandatory that both Designer and the IS should be in the same host to have TFS set up working? Please let me know.

It is mandatory to have both on same machine in local service development. that is what you get as part of designer workstation license.

Tell me your use case, i may be able to suggest some way.

Mangat, Thanks for the response.

In our case, we are having the Designer installed on a physical server and we have several IS instances which are hosted on different physical servers. We want our developers(each one having separate work space) to connect from the Designer to the respective Integration servers and develop the code. We want the developers to check in, check out the code from the Designer to TFS, though the Integration servers are hosting in other physical servers. I want to know the feasibility of this.

When you say each one having separate work space. are you saying each developer has a separate workspace per IS. say you have an IS and 3 Developer. then are there 3 workspace on IS. that will not be possible because for TFS you need to make packages folder as your TFS local repository and one folder can be mapped to only one workspace. you can achieve this if all developer uses common userid\password to create TFS workspace

desired solution is feasible but will be a complex one. it will increase your effort for change management. You need to have one common user configured. and there you will loose the ability to differentiate who made changes. you can rely on comments but too much dependency on developers to put comments in each checkin.

Solution is feasible. but i won’t recommend going down that path.

Hi Mangat,
I found this document very useful and simple enough to start with - also the ABE part is a nice start. Thank you for sharing it. I tried local development with local IS installed and integrated to TFS. Generally it works, just some system locks appear sometime.

In your last reply you mentioned the possibility of connecting to a remote DEV server (i.e. Shared, not Local development) while having this TFS Eclipse plugin functionality utilized.

That is exactly what I need to do.
ATM we use Samba + Visual Studio for manual TFS checkouts/checkins. But that is very slow (e.g. viewing pending changes is quite unresponsive) and complicated (you need to know what related services / classes to check out, moving /renaming assets is a horror)…

Assuming we just have one IS instance and we’d be ok with using 1 user (account) for everybody connecting to TFS - how do you set it up? What are the differences from the setup in this PDF? Why does it need to be one user only anyway?
…Do you just map the directory using network map drive (in our case using Samba as our IS is on Redhat Linux)? Or is this feature doable using ssh directly from Designer/TFS plugin?

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I want to start this with saying putting source control on central server is not a suggested way. it can arise in other complications.

to achieve that you can follow document steps to setup source control on centralized server if it is a windows system. possible with linux too if you have access to UI.

it needs to be one user because of workspace conflicts in TFS. you can have only one user workspace configured on packages directory.

once you have user configured in central server then developer can go to server and checkin\checkout from central server.

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