Changing webservice Consumer transport from HTTP to HTTPS

We are consuming WS of an external system on http port and have defined WS alias for http.
Now we want to move to https but 8.2.2 developer does not show https ws alias if the binder of WSD is created with transport http.

We have many services and do not want to recreate consumer wsd’s. Is there any way to invoke this webservice on https without code changes?
So far we have tried following

  1. Change the port of http WS alias to 443 but it fails with error [ISC.0064.9316] Maximum redirects reached: 5
  2. We tried changing the input for pub.client:soapClient buy supplying transport as https and url that has https and port 443. This seems to work but again we have many services and changing the code is the last path we want to take.

Any suggestion on how this could be done?