Changing Remote Service Integration Points

Hi Guys,

When weorking with Remote web services, what’s the best way to setup the configuration endpoints? As is the case of moving from a DEV environment to QA, the hostnames for these remote services will obviously be different in the different environments and possibly port numbers.


Keep connection information in config files.

That’s a bit too brief an explanation for me, can you expound on how you’ve implemented config files to maintain Integration points?

I believe there are threads and example on the forums here about implementing config files.

Anyone else have any input???

OK I finally found the post your refering to (
, and I’d like to go the server.cnf route since it does have a UI in IS already. so now how do I retrieve that property? Seems like getServerProperty in the pub.utils might do the trick, but to no available, are there any docs on wmPublic services?

NVM, now I found that piece too.

I would strongly suggest not storing your own configuration items in server.cnf. That’s primarily for wM use. You’ll be better off managing your own cnf file (or .xml file).

SAG introduce new Package name WxConfig its purpose is to support the management of configuration information for webMethods Integration Server , but not free .


You may also leverage Terraocotta to store the config key and values and moreover it support cluster aware.

The proper way to externalize web service hostnames, ports, etc is via Web Service Alias: go to the IS Admin console, Settings > Web Services > Create Web Service Endpoint Alias