Changing Mapping Utility from Invois to webMethods

Has anyone had to change the method for EDI mapping from one software to wedMethods? If so, is there a converter available to avoid a manual process. We currently use TLE’s Inovis software (Windows 2000 Server and Operating System) for mapping with our trading partners in X12 format. Would anyone care to share their experiences in using webMethods mapping tool? How easy or hard is it? Any documentation available. I found a document on the webMethods Internet sight but it does not give you step-by-step instructions or examples. Does anyone have an example of an 4030 standards for an 810 Invoice and how a simple mapping would be done? Any help as we look into this possibility of moving to mapping within webMethods would be appreciated. I can be reached at or 410-716-2736. Thank you for your time. — Donna Eich

Regarding utilizing and understanding using webMethods EDI mapping,pls follow the wMEDISamples package and also there is a lot of userguides.pdf available under the wMEDI, wMEDIforTN packages/doc folder section,It gives enough information for better understanding and startup the flow.

This information is available on all webMethods IS versions including latest wM 6.01.