Changing logincancel button images doesnt take effect

I am trying to change the button images (login.gif and cancel.gif) of wokflow Inbox’s main page, which are bundled in Workflow.war’s hclient.jar.

Hope the right file to change is the %IS%/packages/WmWfServlet/web/Workflow.war (because I also see another workflow.war in workflowserver directory).

After doing the change, I restarted the engine with a hope of seeing the button changed, but we didnt see the change!
any ideas waht else should be done to see the changed button?



Here’s something to try to see your new image.

  1. Shutdown IS

  2. before starting IS (or restarting WmWfServlet) delete the directories: \IntegrationServer\web\wars\Workflow and \IntegrationServer\web\work\web_WmWFServlet. The Workflow app will be re-deployed here (after you restart WmWfServlet) using the information in the Workflow.war file (that is located in \IntegrationServer\packages\WmWFServlet\web )

Note: If you are using Tomcat that comes embedded with IS then don’t worry about the war file under the Workflow server directory. If you were running Tomcat separately then you would copy the war file into Tomcat’s webapps directory so that Workflow app would be deployed when Tomcat started.

I hope this helps.



Great! That worked Wayne! Thanks for your suggestion,

On the same note: I would also like to know why I am gettign chanllenged with NT login( at the Login Screen (/web/WmWFServlet/wfservlet) page (like it used to ask for the webMethods Is Admin page /:5555)
Any service/package to be declared to have Anonymous ACL here?


Would it be possible to set the values and hide the server (i.e. name=“host”) and project name text box fields on the default login page using the same method? That is, modify info in the hclient.jar and reload Workflow.war file…