Changing DB location for Optimize 6.5

Hi all;

We have an existing install of Optimize 6.5, IS 6.5. The IT department is relocating the Databases to a different server. I can’t seem to find a location where the paths of the ProcessTracker and Analysis databases are specified.

I only recalled specifying these things when you run the installation wizard for Optimize 6.5 installation. Is there some property file you can go to and change the db settings or do I have to re-run the install wizard? Thanks in anticipation…


it seems to me that u want to change the IP address of Processtracker and analysis database.
Do the following

  1. run the database installer from command line i.e.; oracle.bat
    path: \common\db\scripts\oracle\oracle.bat
    select View / Modify database connection properties file
    it will open a .bat file in text editor
    it contains the information about tablespaces, analysis, processtracker, processaudit etc.


simply open the following file in text editor

i hope this will work


Hi Waseem:

thanks for such prompt reply. So, when I change the properties in either of these files; this will redirect the Optimize to the new db location?

To be sure we’re on the same page: We have existing dbs, which i would like to backup and restore to the new db server. So, the steps would be:

a) Backup existing db and restore to new db server

b) After doing this, I should then perform either of the steps you specify to change properties for db connection (i.e via .bat wizard or eding the file directly).

After b), do I have to do anything else? Thanks.

first perform this. if it throw any error, we will see.


After you create tehe DB objects at the new location, you should be updating the DBProperties file under controller/conf/local/util and datahandler/conf/local/util directories. A restart of controller and datahandler are required for this to take effect