Change / Reset the IS admin password via command line

Hi there, I would like to know if there is any option to change / reset the webMethods Intergration Server default administator password via command line. Reason for this is to automate the change of the password during build. I am not using CC.

Appreciate your advice.


Hi Lindy,

I do not think that this is possible.

Are you using Monitor or TaskEngine?
If so you must make sure, that the Password for user Administrator is identical on IS and MWS.

There are so many places in IS and MWS config where this password is referenced.
You will have to update all of them to keep your installation working.

Can you explain your business case please?
Why do you want to change the password during build?


Hi Holger, thanks so much for your reply.

No, I’m not using Monitor / Task Engine - yet.

We have recently being audited by the security team and we’ve found a lot of the WebMethods IS console in the organization that are still using the default password. As the servers are already in production and as you have also mentioned earlier in your reply that there are so many places in IS and MWS config where this password is referenced, having to change the passwords in the already live servers will need thorough planning.

So, this has posed a big risk in terms of security and one of the remediation is to enforce the change of the administrator default password during installation of IS. We have an install script which contains checking of the pre-requisites / internal standards, and the script will perform the installation of IS using the silent script and apply the latest fix. To avoid manual intervention and the human nature of forgetting to change the password after server is being handed over for deployment, etc., we are looking for possible ways to have this in a scripted manner.

It will be great if there are ways to have this done via command line rather than changing from the console. I’ve gone through the IS administrator guide, and can’t find any. I will appreciate further advises on this.

Thanks again!

If it’s possible from the console it should also be possible from the command line. Just look into the appropriate DSP pages and find out what services are called. And then call them from the command line, e.g. via wget or curl.


as these services are part of the WmRoot package you should use them with care.
These services are not meant for direct usage, but only for internal use by other services or by DSPs.