Change of version

Hello boys! (and girls)

We are talking about changing our Tamino version, from version 2 to the new version 3. I’ve seen that is no problem migrating data from the old version to the new.

But we have a web application working fine with the TaminoClient Java API.

Do you know if there could be problems using the old Java API with the new version of Tamino? What kind of poblems?


We use the Java DOM API with Tamino 3.1 with almost no problem.

We had a wee problem with “_diagnose=ping” but I think there is a fix for this.

The other DOM APIs work also - except the Perl DOM API has a problem if you use the (Perl implementation only)Schema reading methods. This is because of the existence of TSD3 schemas.

We’ve been having problems so far. Particularly the TLocalTransaction interface. i have made a separate thread in this forum on that :frowning:

TLocalTransaction belongs to the Tamino API for Java - this is the wrong forum :slight_smile: