Change of IP address for the server

Hi everybody,

I have different servers where webMethods infrastucture (IS, Brokers…) are localized.
We have to change IP address for all servers.

Can you tell me what we have to modify so that everything works fine?
I think the file “dispatch.cnf” should be modified. Are there any other files to modify ?

Thank you.


You can try to find the affected files by searching them for the Address.

For Windows I use BareGrep for similar searches.

Remember that some config is stored in database tables (like MWS does) or in certain config files inside the IS-Packages (WmMonitor, WmTaskClient, WmPRT, WmOptimize, …).

Also check the settings of the Optimize environment in MWS (if used), and redeploy it after modifications.

If the config is stored in database, you will need to detect the propert configuration place (either IS or MWS) to get it changed as this is usually much more easiert than to do in the database directly.

Addtitionally some settings are stored separately for each user, so every user has to do these modifications, i.e. Broker address in MWS.

You should also check for AdapterConnections and JDBC-Pools.



My issue is solved. I just needed to reconfigure the file “config/dispatch.cnf” for each IS and the file “config/listeners.cnf” under WmRoot package. Restart the server and it’s ok.

Nothing to do for broker and MWS already didn’t work.