change my package

I want to change my package name.Is it possible to do it easily?

Create a package with the new name. Move the elements from the old package to the new package.

You need first to find out if there is any package dependency on this one, if you change name and other packages depend on this one, something would fail.

Open a browser to IS, go to Packages -> Management and click on “Archive” for the package you want to rename.

In the Archive window chnage the “Archive name” value.

Now click on “safe delete” and delete package.

Go to folder IntegrationServer/replicate/outbound and copy the generated zip to replicate/inbound.

Go back to package management and import the package, it will be imported with the new name.

One thing to consider is, the IS has access to services based on folder names, and not “package” names, so now if you want also to change folder name do it from Developer and it will automatically update references.