Change in behaviour of Public.Client:smtp after implementing Fix IS_6-5_SP3_SrvPrt

In 4.6 environments and in 6.5 SP3 environments we have never given information in “FROM” input variable of pub.client.smtp Service. Even though we have not provided any value we are getting “SYSTEM@USNAPWMAS21” as from in 6.5, “wmservice@nnvssu02” as from in 4.6. In this after @ highlighted value is System name.

But in 6.5 we had to apply fix IS_6-5_SP3_WebSvcsXML_Fix4 & IS_6-5_SP3_SrvPrtcl_Fix4 for some of the XML issues. After applying these fixes we are getting error “Invalid FROM field: null” for pub.client.smtp service.

If I gave the value in from variable then it is working fine.

My issue is we are using pub.client:smtp service in nearly 100 services and we should change the mapping change or assign a value to “from” variable in all occurrences.

My queries.
1) How the from value “SYSTEM@USNAPWMAS21” in 6.5 before applying a fix and “wmservice@nnvssu02” in 4.6 are coming.
2) IS there any way to get these values automatically even after applying the fix IS_6-5_SP3_SrvPrtcl_Fix4. Like in 4.6 and prefix of 6.5 environments.

Please find the same in file attached to this tread. Please provide your seggestions on my two doubts.
public_client_smtp.doc (77 KB)

Usually,the “From” value is built from “User@Host”, “User”, is the user, under which IS is running and “Host” is the name of the host, on which it is running.

Coming to your case, IS’s are running under System user on USNAPWMAS21 and wmservice user on nnvssu02 ,hence your From values are populated as system@USNAPWMAS21 and wmservice@nnvssu02 respectively.

Looks like the fix you applied as broken the logic to either fetch the user or the host, in smtp service.The best way of addressing this would have been by setting the “From” field.

I can’t think of any simple and straight forward way to address this.