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Flow :

  •      XA system generates a X flat file with the information
  •      The flat file is sended via FTP  to Webmethods
  •      Webmethods converts the file in xml and sends it to YB
  •      YB integrates the XA xml

(Flat file will be sent to Webmethod, transformed into a file xml and sent to YB).

For information, position of data is fixed in the flat file.

Message content:

The message contains fields like:
Production program ==> Nvarchar (40)
Shift code ==> Nvarchar (20)
Downtime category ==> SmallInt (5)
Machine (XA level1) ==> Nvarchar (20)
Sub-machine (XA level3) ==> Nvarchar (20)
Reason code (XA level 2) ==> Nvarchar (20)
Sub-reason code (XA level 4) ==> Nvarchar (20)
Start date time ==> Date Time (YYYYMMDDHHMISS)
End date time ==> Date Time (YYYYMMDDHHMISS)
Record Status ==> Nvarchar (1)

For each interface, in the information transmitted, a record status field will be used to determine if the information has well been recorded in the system.
Here are the various possible record status:

  •   N (New): the record has not been treated
  •   D (Delete): the record has been treated
  •   E (Error): the record is in error

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  1. Create a fixed length flat file schema based on your inputs and generate corresponding document type (DT).
  2. Create a document type using XML field details.
  3. Create a service which maps Flat file document type to XML document Type.

For more information - Please go through this documentation which explains you about creation of flat file structure.


thanks man…could u plz explain what is meant by dest. sys. integrates xml file…!

Step 4) Convert XML document type to XML value.
Step 5) Send the value to Destination application.

Destination Application expects XML to be sent to them by webMethods EAI. It can be through HTTP/S, FTP/S or webservices.