CentraSite Login Issues: "Plug-in com.centrasite.control has been disabled."

Hello everybody,
as part of the Campus Connect project we received a virtual machine with Windows Server 2003 and CentraSite. Unfortunately we could not login to CentraSite because of this error message:

In order to solve this login error, we copied all jar archives from




Why CentraSite tries to load all necessary components from a temporary folder instead of its installation folder remains a mystery to us. The crucial hint was provided by the System Management Hub:
As soon as someone tried to open the Log Configuration (System Management Hub) from “Managed Hosts → SAGBASE → CentraSite → Registry/Repository → Configurations → Log Configuration”, there was an error message that a jar archive was missing from [i]C:\WINDOWS\Temp\CentraSiteJAXRJars-SYSTEM-v8.[/i]. In this way we found the missing jar archives one by one.

Maybe this helps others with the same problem.

Kind regards
Jakob Meng

To fix the problem, we tried almost every solution proposed in the other dozen topics about this error message.

The login was not possible with Firefox or Internet Explorer, neither with
sagbase\administrator, SAGBASE\Administrator, WORKGROUP\Administrator, workgroup\administrator nor administrator. However, we could login successfully to the System Management Hub. According to System Management Hub the Registry/Repository was online and all involved services were started. In addition, we created a new user in the authentication text file (via SMH) and set up an alternative login system in SMH (“operating system”, instead of a plain text file), but we got the same results. The log files did not show an error message, but were outdated (> 3 months).

From this point we suspected that CentraSite was probably not installed correctly. So we restored ??an older backup of the CentraSite Registry/Repository, again without success. The hint - to execute the RunAfterInstall.sh - does not apply here, because CentraSite is installed on a Windows Server 2003.
Next, we examined which users had beed created within CentraSite. For this we found an interesting link from another forum post:


Username: DefaultUser
Password: PwdFor_CS21

If you open this link on the CentraSite host, you get a list of all (CentraSite?) Users. Indeed the passwords are encrypted, but at least they gave us the confirmation that all required users were available.

If someone get the same error message from CentraSite, I would recommend to check out these steps first, before copying any jar archives all around the file system.

Hi Jakob,

thanks for the input. However you will not reach the proper audience in this forum :wink:
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