CentraSite Download


sorry for my newbie question but i need someone that drive me through the download of the trial version and installation of CentraSite.

It’s not clear also the difference between CentraSite Active Soa and the Community Edition.

Thank you,

Hi Francesco,

Please go through below link to understand the differences.


Syed Faraz Ahmed

Thank you for the answer. Anyway i’m not able to download CentraSite, just Community Edition seems available. Maybe i’m missing some steps…?!

CentraSite requires license and you need to buy it :slight_smile:
where as Community Edition is available free of charge for certain duration.

Syed Faraz Ahmed

Yep, that was clear to me.
But i hope in a trial version for CentraSite…is this available?

Community Edition is nothing but trail version of CentraSite with fewer features.
CentraSite with all the features is not available on trail basis.

Syed Faraz Ahmed