Centrasite community version 9.7 Installation issues

I am newbie to CentraSite.I downloaded CSCEWindowsX86.zip and installed CentraSite using SoftwareAGInstaller951_136.I can see Start Menu>Software Ag>Tools>1.CentraSite Business User interface 9.5
2.CentraSite Control 9.5
3.Update Manager
I cannot see any database controls(start/stop).I can login into CentraSite control UI with ‘Administrator/manage’.I tried to create a user under INTERNAL domain,but not able to.

I created a user using internaluserrepo.bat which returned no exit codes, hence successfully created and had seen that new entry in /common/conf/users.txt. But with the same UN/PWD, I am not able to log into CentrasiteControl UI. I am getting an error message, javax.xml.registry.JAXRException: INMJRE0106: Login rejected, user “INTERNAL\UserID” not registered.I want to create a user under INTERNAL/ domain and need to login with that credentials through UI.When I searched on this error,I got to know Database needs to be started,so that it stores this UN/PWD.

Now how can I start the db in CentraSite?
Also how to install System Management Hub for 9.7 version.
Discussions point to this link:
which is not of much use to me.

Kindly help on this please.



Hi Dhivya,

I think you are nearly there. Your database is up and running since you can log in via the Administrator account. You need to understand that you have two lists of users, one that is stored in the filesystem in /common/conf/users.txt which contains the list of possible CentraSite logins. Another one in CentraSite where CentraSite can handle different login contexts, so called domains. By default the INTERNAL domain is used which picks users from the text file. Go to the Administration -> Users tab and create a new user, make sure you associate it with the newly created user from the INTERNAL domain and assign roles as needed. You can then log in with the userid/password you specified when you called the internaluserrepo.bat script.

Hope that explains it a bit better,

Thanks Gerald for the reply.It worked for me.

I need one more help.I have installed Centrasite Community Edition 9.7.Can I get to know the link for eclipse(helios or Juno) update site for designing?

I got to know from Getting Started guide that

“The CentraSite installation procedure includes an option to install the Software AG Designer component, which is an Eclipse installation tailored for CentraSite.”.

But I dont find any.Is the designer not included with community edition? If so how can I use an UI with eclipse?
Kindly help.

Thanks in advance.


Hi Dhivya,
the Eclipse plug-ins are no longer delivered with the CentraSite installation. You need to get them via the Update Manager which is only available to Software AG customers, sorry about that.