CentraSite Active SOA and Virtual Databases

Hello. I will do my best to describe my objective, however, I’m not a programmer so I will likely fumble in my description at times.

In general, I’m putting feelers out for lessons learned, feedback, or perhaps proven examples of modeling and querying the CentraSite (embedded Tamino) database through a VDB, such as Teiid or MetaMatrix.

I believe the Teiid VDB has an out-of-the-box connector for SOAP web services. My thought is to (1) create a VDB connector in Teiid using the CentraSite UDDI (inquiry) WSDL (pointing to my CentraSite Active SOA web service endpoint) and (2) create a metadata model of the CentraSite XML Relational database structure using the uddi_v3 XSD. I believe these are the main building blocks that I’d need to be able to query the CentraSite database through the VDB. I am, however, running into some issues on the VDB side, but I want to vet my method in this forum to help make sure that the errors aren’t due to a larger issue with CentraSite integration method, versus a bug in the VDB.

I’m also thinking of trying to do the same using CentraSite’s JAXR API. My thought is to lift some prievious JAXR code, wrap it and host it as a web service, and create a web service connector to this newly created JAXR web service, and somehow model the schema in the VDB metadata model (it gets fuzzy for me here).

Thank you for any thoughts, advice, or words of wisdom.



Could you provide some more insight on your usecases?
From your two approaches detailed, certainly the JAXR approach would give you more flexibility.