REST Services support in Centrasite

Can someone please provide insights into following questions :

  1. How does Centrasite support for registering the REST style webservices. Lets say in case of one of the approach where I describe my rest services in the form of WSDL1.1 with HTTP Bindings, does it support to register and also fetch the operation location attribute :

For e.g. see the attachment (wsdlsnippet.txt)
So, in the attached example, is there any way I can store the operation location value - “/dept/{deptId}/books/{bookId}/books” as part of service operation meta-data. Also different operations will have different service location attributes. I know we can easily get the operation and the binding info using UDDI and JAXR APIs but unable to find the way to register and fetch the variable URLs during service discovery.

  1. Also, does Centrasite support WSDL2.0 standard ?

  2. Is it possible to query the Centrasite repository based on the service URL’s rather than just by the service name ?
    wsdlsnippet.txt (401 Bytes)


Native REST support is currently added as a major feature for the next release. Also WSDL 2.0 support is planned. In the current 8.0 release you could create your custom asset type for representing RESTful services or modify the standard service by custom attributes.



could you sent us also a complete wsdl 1.1 w.http binding?


Sure. Also, could you please provide some more information or direct me where it is documented on how to modify the standard service meta-data to add some custom attributes. What we are looking for is the way to fetch the operation location URIs for different service methods in a given service.