[CentraSite 8.2]- Adding a parameter to in Resource REST Service

Hi Guys,

I’m using webMethods 8.2 and I’m trying to expose REST resources (created on the IS 8.2) using Mediator.

I create a Virtual REST Service in Centrasite and in the Technical Details tab of this Virtual REST Service I did add 1 resource and deployed the REST Service to the Mediator.

Please note that i am able to invoke my REST service passing the parameter from the REST service directly from IS…Using the POSTMAN to run my tests.

But when i call the Virtualized REST service from the Mediator using POSTMAN i get the status 500 OK without any message…I was able to virtualze few REST service with no parameter and invoke them from the IS Mediator.

Can someone help with virtualising a REST service that has a parameter and be able to run the same from Mediator

Thanks for your help.

Hi Thabo,

To invoke a Virtual REST service deployed in the mediator you would have to pass the resource name as well.

For example: it would look somthing like this


Hope this helps.


Hi Seshasai,

Thanks for the response.

I have done exactly as per your suggestion but i get the below error message when testing my Virtual Rest Service from Mediator:

Mediator encountered an error:Native service provider error. HTTP statusCode: 500 while executing operation:doc service:restVS at time:11:07:47 AM on date:Jul 28, 2015. The client ip was: The current user:SIL. The consumer application:null

I see on your example you have category_id as a paramter. When creating the REST service and virtualising it, do you also including the category_id parameter on the resource as Query String or you just leave the query string empty?

i have included my parameter to the resource as Query String, just not sure if is the right way of doing this anymore.

Do i have to put the parameter name in the Query String in my resource e.g. category_id?