Centrasite 3.1.6 Installation Problem

I had installed Centrasite 3.1.6 succesfully for the first time and then uninstalled it in Windows XP system.
Then, while installing it for the second time it is showing me the following error :
“Error:1920.Service SAGCTP55(SAGCTP55) faied to start . Verify sufficient privileges to start services.”
I tried several times after that, but the same error occurs.
Kindly help me in this Problem. Thanks…

Hi Maggi,
did 3.1.6 deinstall cleanly? Did you check if still a Software AG Tomcat was running? If not, you could try to delete the Tomcat directory after deinstallation just to be sure that you will do a clean install.

can the service SAGCTP55 (displayed as Software AG Common Tomcat) be started manually using the service control manager?
Are there any problems reported in the Tomcat logfiles? (stdout.txt and jakarta_service_xxxxx.log located in C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Application Data\Software AG\log\Tomcat\v5.5)