Central User management- new users not recognized


We are using Central User management with IS 7.1 pointing to the Central Users JDBC pool. Local MWS users are replicated to the DB (MWS not connected to LDAP).

We are seeing inconsistent behavior with respect to our ISs recognizing new users created in MWS.

In production, we have ~12 ISs configured to use the same central DB pool. After adding a new user through MWS, some of the ISs will recognize the new user without any action required while some will require an IS restart. We believe all relevant configurations at the IS level are the same.

Has anyone experienced similar issues with Central User management? According to SAG IS Admin documentation, any time a user is not found locally the IS should check directly against the DB for the user so the scenario we are seeing should never occur.

Does it shows on all of the IS’s Admin page Security > User Management>

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[TD=“class: evenrow”]Central User Management[/TD]
[TD=“class: evenrowdata-l”] Configured [/TD]

Also make sure the ACL Administrator ACL has most of the Groups assigned (including system / My webMethods Administrators.

This is the only I can think off:


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