CCE (Two) installs on same box v9.10 & v9.12 is this supported?

Customer has CCE v9.10 & v9.12 installed on the same box with different installation directories. Both instances are running and accessible through webs console. When they try and import the composite templates on CCE 9.10 the templates were getting imported to CCE912 composite templates path :/usr/local/webMethods/912/CCE/profiles/CCE/data/templates/composite

Installation path for CCE 9.10 :/usr/local/webMethods/910/CCE
Installation path for CCE9.12 : /usr/local/webMethods/912/CCE

Customer is importing the template on the same version using the following command;

cc exec templates composite import -i /usr/local/webMethods/910/CCE/CCProjects/templates/template.yaml

Although customer is in the phase of upgrading the wM components to version 9.10 so as per the initial plan they decided to go with CCE9.10 and install the components with snapshot template provisioning. However they noticed snapshot template provisioning deprecated in the CCE9.12 version ,so want make use of all the features supported with CCE9.12 version .

I would like to know that two separate CCE version installation on the same UNIX box is supported?

Kind Regards,
Mark Shade

Hi Mark,

Not sure if the below suggestion will help you…However just corssverify the below point.

template.yaml file will have port information of Command Central saved in it. I believe that both the instances are using different port configruations.

Please cross verify the port information present in template.yaml file for 9.10 Instance.

Syed Faraz Ahmed