Catch all request on port 5555

Hello guys,
I have a cluster in production environment and a balancer what has routes to this cluster.
I would to catch all request in every node a way single.

Example the balancer receive a request and put in your log on single line

ip_requester - - [timestamp] “METHOD path_called HTTP_VESION” http_status code

I don’t need exacly in that line formmat but i want every request received to that node.

It’s possible?

Did you consider the IS Session and Security logs?
Especially when using the logging into database they could provide you the details you are looking for and even more details.

I tried use this but i dont get catch every single request received.

Please check the settings of the Security logger.
Have you configured it to track any event, also the successful logins?
It would be an issue if you found cases where he does not log all such events.
If that is an repeating issue please describe how to reproduce such case.

There are different ways to logs the request.

  1. Logging can be enabled to trace for the following logging levels to get more information in the Server logs:

0088 SOAP
0141 Web Service Stack

Setting the below flags in IS extended settings and restarting server should capture the SOAP request and respond in the server.log:


There are third-party tools, such as TCP Monitor, which can be used to capture the SOAP message on the wire.

Note: Logging this on the server will impact the performance.

Let us know your need to log a request on each node?

Hello everybody,

Mahesh K. Sreenivas,

i changed logging level in IntegrationServer Logging to debug to item HTTP Request. I believe it would similar to your suggestion to change in server.conf. This change impacted the log left the page log very slow maybe I/O got too high

Holm Steinland ,

i want every service called not only login

Have you looked @ interceptor capability in IS? You can set the interceptor using the following properties


More information about it can be found in Admin Guide section - “Using an HTTP Interceptor”.


As mentioned in the previous post it will impact the performance turning on the logging.

Have you thought about logging the request in the esb service via a framework or custom solution? Happy to discuss if you could tell me your requirements.