Career with WebMethods tools


I joined Infosys in 2014 as a fresher and got my first project(already got project earlier but refused after some months as it was support and maintenance related that too of smalltalk.). This project involves developing a application and integrating with existing system of client.It uses WebMethod’s Integration server, designer, ARIS Mashzone, Terracotta server array etc. But I am completely unaware of these tools. My knowledge is limited to Java/J2EE and RDBMS only which I learned during training period. My Project Manager has told me that it is an excellent and golden opportunity for me that I have got this project and I can get to learn a lot of things. One thing I got to know that it is some how related to EAI. My training on these tools is about to begin in sometimes. So please suggest me what will be my career in this field and with these tools because I am starting my professional career with this technology and I don’t want to regret later. Yes I am eager to learn new things provided it must be based on Java or somehow related to Java.
Please tell me am I on right career path.

Please Ignore my pathetic english for this time. :slight_smile:

Hello Swapneel,

Do not worry you are on the right track. webMethods is one of niche tools available in the market. The product itself is running on JAVA. Wishing you all the best for your professional career.

BTW your English is OK not pathetic as you think :lol: :lol:

Since you are a new user this forum is meant for discussing technical related issues or questions w.r.t webMethods Product Suite.

Thanks M@he$h . About forum…I will keep that in mind.