Capacity planning

Hi All,

I just wanted to pose a question to the group to get your thoughts on webMethods capacity and utilization. We have a project on the table that will exponentially increase the number of transactions to be handled throughout the day.

Our environment consists of two Windows based 6.5 SP3 IntegrationServers in a clustered active/active environment. All inbound/outbound transactions are faily balanced between the servers and both IS’s typically report - as shown on the ISAdmin page - 37%-40% memory utilization.

The types of transactions that we handle run the gamot from full cycle RosettaNet processes, EDI AS2 transactions, FTPS sends/receives, and internal web application hosting.

Question: At what % utilization will we begin to see performance degradation? Can you point me to any specific documentation that would guide me to making assumptions about the maximum number of thransaction that we could reasonably handle?

Any thoughts/comments/suggestions are much appreciated.


You can refer to gear documents.
There are many usefull threads in this forum as well eg:

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