CANT manually populate publishable doc associated with Basic Adapter Notification

Hello everyone,

      We've created  JDBC Adapter Basic Notification ( name - notifySite). The publishable document associated with this  Basic Notification is notifySitePublishableDocument. The Notification polls a buffer table and SELECTS 3 fields , populates notifySitePublishableDocument with these 3 fields and publishes it to the Broker. I've got a strange problem--

When I try to manually populate this notifySitePublishableDocument by double clicking on it , I find the 3 fields ABSENT. The same thing happens when i try to manually publish this document by clicking Run. Moreover this problem does NOT occur always. At times I can see the 3 fields present and I can populate them and publish the document to Broker.

Asking this question out of curiosity.My work is not stuck because of this. My end to end Integration is working fine.

Additional info

JDBC Adapter verion 6.0.3
Developer 6.5
Database - MSSQL.

Thanks in Advance.

  • Ratnesh Rai

What are the data types of the three fields? Create a simple Flow that populates your document using a MAP statement and then calls pub.publish:publish. Use that for testing.


Thanks Mark,

The column types of the 3 fields are Numeric(9) , INT and char(1)

MAP step thing can be done any time , but what could be the reason for fields being absent ,because some times I can see them and some times NOT.


In fact we also had same problem.
AFAIK, it’s the problem with developer cache, we jus tested by opening only one notification in developer, and closed all other services…then all fields in notification appreas.

Same thing happened with adapter Services as well

Seems strange…

Puneet Saxena