Basic notification error

One of integrations was working fine all the while, but since today it is throwing an error:

Data does not conform to the Publishable Document Type EHPFocusSalesOrder.Adapters:ntBasicJDE_FOCUS_INTRFCPublishDocument errors: INVALID List of errors: [0] pathName=/LINE_NO errorCode=VV-004 errorMessage=[ISC.0082.9030] Type mismatch, String expected.

I havent made any changes to the JDBC adapter(Basic notification) or flowservice. Can anyone help me.

                 swapRows();                                                                               writeTDnowrap("row-l");
                 swapRows();                                                                               writeTDnowrap("row-l");

Sounds to me like the data being stored in your table has changed. You are getting a type mismatch, so my guess is you either have null in your string column in the database or you have some non-printable binary or hex characters in your string column and the broker is choking on them.

Does it do this for all data in the table or just some? I would look at a hex dump of the data in the table to make sure all is as it seems.


The data type defined for that attribute is BigDecimal in the adapter service and the it maps to an object in the document.

It is doing it for all the data and there is no data flowing through because the notification document is throwing the error.

Also, how do I check the hex dump?


Sync your publishable doc types with ur broker again and see if that helps

Is there a reason for using BigDecimal? Are you doing calculations in the integration layer? If not, would recommend having the column returned as a string, not a BigDecimal.

Yes. I am doing some transformations on the integer value. However I got it working. I deleted the clolumn values in the adapter service and then added all the cloumns , and also syncronised the documents. It is working now without any errors.

Thank you all !!:slight_smile: