Can't download log file


I can’t download a log file that is attached to the most recent post in the XML Gateways forum. Can someone please take a look at it?


Hi Jason,

it worked for me (today).
Actually, I first thought it is not possible.
But there’s a download button at the rigth edge of the screen, you first have to reposition your browser window.

Hi Rolf,

I click on the download button it prompts me if I want to save download.php not the log file.

Best regards,


Hi Jason,

This behavior may be due to the browser that you are using. When I tried with IE 6.0 it just displayed the contents of the log file directly in the browser window, instead of asking me to download the file. Where as Mozilla, Firfox and Netscape did ask me to option to download the log file.

If you are using IE then try “Save Target as…” option that appears when you right click on the link.

I tried with both IE and Firefox without a problem.

But I also assume that it has something to do with the Windows setting or the browser setting on Jason’s machine. Looks like the extension “.php” is treated in a special way.

I’ve run into the same issue in the forums - everything is presented as “download.php”. The workaround has been to note the file name in the posting and replace “download.php” in the “save as” dialog with the file name shown in the post.

I use both Firefox and IE6 from Windows XP.