Can't access folder. But only the first call of checkFileExistence return exists = true

Hello, I have a pretty strange issue with accessing a network location, where folders are situated.

If I call any pub.file service with the path, I cant access it. For example:

  • checkFileExistence - returns exists = false
  • stringToFile - returns [ISS.0086.9260] Directory [my PATH] does not exist

But when I log in to the Windows server where IS is running as the user, under who was the IS started (checked in Services) I can access through the File Explorer this PATH. After that I go back to Designer and run one of the services, only the first call returns:

  • checkFileExistence - returns exists = true
  • stringToFile - Access denied

Right after the first call I call these services again with the exact same input, and the result is same as above, so checkFileExistence - returns exists = false.

If I repeat the same steps… accessing the PATH from File Explorer and calling the services again, only the first call can somehow access the PATH, the second and others can’t.

I checked these things already:

  • fileAccessControl.cnf - is for sure OK, it worked before. Also reloaded WmPublic
  • the user has rights to write/read/delete in this PATH

Hi Martin,

What is your IS version that we are talking here?

Have you check this with your wM admin team also as they might help you more from troubleshooting aspects (when comes dealing such kind of local/shared folders accessing issue from IS code) as you mentioned it worked before?

However I know you have tried various options with the package config file r/w permission settings etc…to resolve.


Hi, my version is 10.3.
Thank you for your reply.

I contacted the admin team and they suggested to restart the whole server. so we did it and it worked. The user had no issues to connect to the network server. And could also connect several times (not only on the first call).

I wanted to avoid restarting the server but haven’t had any other option. Sadly I think in general on windows servers this is the way to go in such a case.