using WmPublic.getFile on network files

I have a clustered 8.2 environment. I am passing a file path to wmPublic.getFile and it will execute with no issues on 3 out of 4 windows servers. The path is something like this…\prodServer1\webMethods82\test\myFile.html

Our development,test and the server in the file path above can open the file with no issues. The other production server is the problem.

All of the webMethods instance’s are running as a windows service. From the physical server above and the others we have verified the file can be reached and opened with no issues. We also granted EVERYONE read/write access to eliminate the possible issue of the service account running the IS instance.

We are only using the getFile() service right now but did update the fileAccessControl.cnf to include the path. Any ideas ?

What’s the error message or exception?

Simply - File not found…

$error [ISS.0086.9256] File [\ndhap50184\webMethods82\MSSSContractFiles\DeltaDetailReport\BM04277-A_3720301_571_GSTJH_201312301026.html] does not exist

Using the same path noted above the other three servers reach it no problem.

Can you access this file from the issue server directly with windows explorer?

Yes we can (from all 4 of the servers we are working on).

It’s strange. Can you try this simple java service below to check the file exist?

String input : filename
String output : exist
Import :

IDataCursor pipelineCursor = pipeline.getCursor();
String filename = IDataUtil.getString( pipelineCursor, "filename" );
IDataUtil.put( pipelineCursor, "exist", String.valueOf(new File(filename).exists()) );

And regarding to the filename, can you try to replace the machine name with IP address?

Thanks for the help…We did resolve this. The issue was the Windows DNS. Since the DNS could not resolve properly it gave the file not found exception. .

Glad to hear that. Can you share how you identify it’s a DNS issue and how to fix it?
I remember that you can access this file from the issue server directly with windows explorer.